Generalists vs. Specialists

Generalists: Roofers roof. Contractors, by their nature, have a very broad focus. They do a little bit of everything, from landscaping to kitchen remodels, because their business is built upon selling additional services other than what you might have requested originally. You call with roof damage - they want to sell you things that should be part of your roofing system.

Specialists: At Webb Roofing and Construction, we are specialists - we ONLY do insurance claims and we are licensed in roofing. Ask a generalist what A.C.V means, or have them describe how non-recoverable depreciation may be applied to your claim. We have the experience and knowledge to get your property restored, because we focus exclusively on insurance restoration projects. Our success is founded on two principles: How we treat our business, and how we treat our clients.

Haag Engineering Certified Residential Roofs Inspector

Haag Engineering sets the industry standard for roof replacement inspection. Nearly all insurance adjusters follow Hagg's standards. Webb Roofing & Construction utilizes Project Managers who have passed their residential roofing inspector examination and carry a Haag Certified Residential Roofs Inspector certificate. In many cases, we have more education than your insurance company's adjuster does, and certainly more than a generalist.

How We Treat Our Business

We Are Insurance Professionals
Our Project Managers have completed hundreds of insurance claims, and nearly all of our clients have received a full roof replacement - and their only out-of-pocket expense was their deductible. A generalist might be able to get your roof replaced, but he'll miss the details as he is only looking at your roofing damage. We all know when mother nature strikes, she usually does more than roofing damage. We perform an entire property inspection and will look at every detail which may include all soft metals, gutters, fascia, downspouts, window screens, garage doors, siding, deck, and A/C units. We will find all storm damaged components of your house and resolve to have them ALL fixed. Our principal area of expertise is meeting with insurance adjusters and ascertaining the scope of the storm damage.
Quality Control Is Our Priority
We pride ourselves on our quality. We have an Internal Quality Assurance staff who assist on every project to ensure that our exacting standards are met - every time. We perform a 25-point Quality Control Punch List at the end of every project. This comprehensive checklist includes everything from drip edge inspection to an eave and rake flush test.
We are so confident in our quality, all of our projects offer a minimum of a 5 year warranty, and many offer up to 10 years of protection. Extended warranties are available on our intense weather packages.
We Use Xactimate Pricing
Xactimate is the risk industry standard price estimating software. Webb Roofing and Construction uses Xactimate software to eliminate negotiation and disputes. Since we understand before the adjustment what the price will be, line item by line item, we are only agreeing on 'scope of damage' - the price has already been agreed upon. This cuts out the "bidding" process. Additionally this allows for adding items to your claim which may have been missed.