How It Works

Webb Roofing and Construction makes this process as straightforward as possible. Once adequate damage has been detected, the first step is filing a claim with your insurance company. The most important item when filing a claim, besides knowing your storm date, is to make sure the insurance company knows that Webb Roofing and Construction is to be notified when the adjuster comes to your home to inspect your roof and other exteriors. Our staff meets the adjuster at your home making sure we are talking “apples to apples” about the damage to your home. This ensures that the scope of the work is agreed to up front, rather than arguing after the fact about extra costs that may occur. The adjuster will decide if your roof is “totaled” meaning you receive a new roof (and/or any additional exteriors and property that is damaged).

Webb Roofing and Construction will respectfully request that you sign a clear-cut release form which binds us to do the work as stated by your insurance company and also ensures that all monies go towards the work they deem necessary. Your insurance summary for dwelling will have a grand total of what your roof will cost to replace based on fair market cost (Xactimate software), minus your deductible and depreciation (hold back money). The insurance company will make the first check (A.C.V.) out to you and your mortgage company (if you have a mortgage). This check will be for an amount considerably less than what it costs to replace your roof. Insurance companies do not usually pay all monies up front. We submit a request for funding from the insurance company for the total cost of your project (R.C.V.) as your project goes into operations for scheduling. A second check (depreciation payment) is then issued by the insurance company covering the difference. (Most insurance companies accept our agreement and pay monies in full immediately.) The only responsibilities you have are to choose shingles and to pay your deductible. Webb Roofing and Construction does the work line by line as the insurance scope states and supplement for anything they have missed.

Filing a Claim

Follow these simple instructions to initiate a hassle free process:

1. Be aware of and understand the “Date of Loss” or “Storm Date” and “Type of Loss” (wind, hail, tornado, or hail and wind).

2. If any emergency temporary repairs were performed (tarping, boarding up windows, temporary fence, etc) keep a list of work completed and save invoices/receipts.

3. Contact the Claims Center of your insurance company and report that you have damage to your home (wind, hail, tornado, or hail and wind) and need to file a claim (note any emergency temporary repairs at this time). Your Project Manager will provide you with a toll free number of your insurance carriers Claim Center. For some companies, your project manager can file a claim on your behalf with your policy number. We can also file your claim together via speaker phone.

4. Most insurance companies permit their clients to file a claim on-line.

5. Your insurance provider will contact you via phone (usually within 48 hours) and assign a claim number, the adjuster’s name, a contact number, and will set a date and time for the adjustment appointment.

6. It is very imperative when setting the adjuster appointment that your insurance carrier knows and understands that you have signed an agreement with Webb Roofing & Construction, and that you have directed our Project Manager to work with their adjuster acting on your behalf to set the scope of damage. This simply means they need to set an exact date and an exact time for the appointment.

7. Please remember: The most important aspect of our professional services is meeting with your insurance adjuster and setting SCOPE OF DAMAGE. If we do not meet with your adjuster, items are usually missed and/or denied. Please make sure you contact your Project Manager as soon as you receive your adjuster appointment time and date.

The Truth About Getting Estimates For Your Exterior Work

Your insurance agent may ask you to get estimates (bids) and may imply that it is required and part of the claim process. This is not true.
It is in no way stated within any insurance policy that the insured is required to obtain bids before a claim is initiated.

As the insured, you chose the company to do your restoration work. Getting several bids from several roofers will slow down the entire process. Roofers take days or weeks to get figures back to you. If you have storm damage at your residence, you do not have time as a luxury. You want to get the work expedited as promptly and judiciously as possible. When you get bids, your insurance company is hedging on the fact that most people are conditioned to use the cheapest bid. Low-priced work is not high-quality. Additionally, roofers and contractors offering a “cheap” bid often times do not carry adequate insurance, do not have a roofing license, do not offer complementary upgrades (ice and water shield or lifetime shingles) nor carry a surety bond, and of course will take several short cuts. How do you think they can do the work for so little? It is your insurance company’s obligation to appraise your property and present you with their estimate and funds for repairs. You are entitled to maximum replacement cost. As the insured, you truly want a company who understands the claim process and resolves to work as your advocate. In addition, using a bid which is less than your insurance summary’s Replacement Cost Value (R.C.V.) means depreciated funds that your insurance company will pay in full never is released. In other words, money you are entitled to receive for your home is never paid in full. The result is an extra out of pocket expense.
Webb Roofing and Construction uses an agreement called “Authorization of the Insured”. This allows us to work with your insurance company on your behalf. You sign a similar agreement at your doctor’s office so they can work with your health care insurance provider. This provides maximum funding for work needed while making the process very simple for you.

Here are a few tips that can facilitate the process of restoration:

1. When your home is damaged by hail, high winds and/or severe storms, the first step should be making contact with Webb Roofing and Construction (1-800-339-Roof or As insurance and storm specialists, will help secure your property and aid in determining the scope of damage to your home. We will help you file a claim as needed.
2. Immediately you should have your home protected from further damage by covering broken windows and damaged rooftops. Webb Roofing and Construction will facilitate protecting the damaged portions of your residence that are exposed to the elements and susceptible to further damage.
3. If you need to make temporary repairs to your home, and you do the work yourself, be sure to keep the receipts of any materials that you purchase to make these repairs.
4. If any personal property has been damaged, hold on to the broken items so the insurance company can determine replacement cost and for verification. Make a list of each item, including its age, current value, model, make, and item number.
5. Webb Roofing and Construction will work in conjunction with your insurance adjuster to assess the damage and to determine the scope of the work needed for repair. We will agree with your insurance provider the cost of the repair work up front. Meaning we don’t argue price. We work directly off the insurance company’s summary for dwelling and will agree with the numbers they provide.
6. Out of pocket expense (deductible) is not paid until we are finished with your project and you are happy with our work. Your cost will be your insurance deductible or less, unless otherwise noted in writing. Should we run into additional expenditures during your restoration project, we work honestly with your insurance provider from beginning to end via supplemental invoicing.
7. If necessary, you may be entitled to temporary living expenses and housing if your home is considered uninhabitable due to a covered claim. We will assist you as needed. Webb Roofing and Construction only does insurance restoration projects. When your home is damaged, you can be confident we will be at your side providing the utmost service to you and your family.